How Do You Take Care Of A Begonia Plant

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How Do You Take Care Of A Begonia Plant. A good rule of thumb is to water. But some begonias are sensitive to.

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Care of begonias indoors starts with the proper location. Begonias are just as at home in a pot as they are in the garden. Once the roots are mature enough, plant the cuttings in some well.

Wax Begonias Are Easy To Propagate From Cuttings.

Do not to get the leaves wet when. How to care for a begonia maculata (polka dot plant) the begonia maculata is surprisingly easy to take care of. In dry weather, supplement mother nature’s care of begonias with a rejuvenating fine mist via the sprinkler for 15 minutes in the heat of the afternoon.

Hold The Cuttings In Place With.

One of the tips for growing begonia as houseplants is to place them somewhere where they will get bright,. Dry the tubers for some time by spreading them on a newspaper. Fertilizing a hanging begonia every other time you give it water helps keep the plant growing and flowering during it active.

When Caring For Begonias, Keep The Plants In Containers, Water Regularly, Spray With A Soil Activator And Keep The Soil Loose.

Dip a cotton swab in rubbing alcohol, and use it to kill and remove the bugs. Fertilizing guidelines for hanging basket begonias. Plant wax begonia transplants 6 to 8 inches apart and others according to their mature size.

Only Water When The Soil Feels Dry.

Begonias thrive in soil that is neither dry nor saturated. It's easy to propagate a begonia by cuttings. Your goal is to find a moisture level and watering schedule that is justttt right.

Keep The Soil Moist But Be Careful Not To Overwater.

Care of begonias indoors starts with the proper location. To grow a begonia in a pot, you need to allow for growth, so ensure you choose a pot that is twice the width and depth of the. The best way to plant begonias is to dig a hole that is twice as wide as the plant’s root ball.

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